Congratulations to Dongguan Lingdu Thermal Conductive Material Co., Ltd. for being shortlisted in the “Chinese Entrepreneur Joint Growth Plan”

The Joint Growth Plan for Chinese Entrepreneurs was initiated by the Information Office of the State Council-China Internet News Center, in conjunction with authoritative media organizations such as CCTV Discovery Journey Channel and China Net. The plan follows the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “Three Transformations” and aims to ” Promote the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, the transformation of Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands”, and strive to provide Chinese companies with a common share of the wisdom, experience and achievements of business operations in the fields of “creation, quality and branding”. The platform, through the CCTV Discovery Journey Channel “Chinese Businessmen” column, uses images to record Chinese brands in progress, and comprehensively displays the image of Chinese corporate brands and entrepreneurs. Let outstanding companies share their achievements and experience, let developing companies show their potential and confidence, and then promote more outstanding local companies to be well-known across the country, and promote the realization of the Chinese dream with the power of corporate alliances.

Mr. Liu Youquan, the founder of Dongguan Lingdu Thermal Conductive Materials Co., Ltd., accepted the invitation of the Guangdong Topic Selection Center of the “Chinese Business Forum” column on November 18, 2015, and participated in the 2015 Shenzhen Station Topic Selection Explaining Meeting with the enterprise qualification materials. This topic selection The meeting is mainly aimed at the selection of outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises in South China. More than 30 small and medium-sized enterprises participated in the assessment. They passed the interview with the assessment director and the enterprise qualification documents provided, and passed the preliminary assessment smoothly.

On November 19th, the column crew came to Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, the manufacturing capital of China, to conduct a field visit, filming and framing, and collecting review materials.

During the visit, we learned that Dongguan Thermal Conductive Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of electronic thermal materials. The company has obtained ISO9001:2008 certification and its products comply with ROHS, Sony SS00259, REACH and UL specification. Due to the high integration and wide application of modern industrial electronic equipment, computers, automotive electronics, solar energy, military industry, LED, communication equipment, power supplies and other products, the market’s cognition and performance requirements for thermally conductive materials continue to increase. Zero degree of heat conduction is in order to meet market demand. Over the past few years, it has collected a large amount of market demand information at home and abroad, combined with the leading technology of domestic and foreign counterparts, and brought together a group of senior technical personnel with decades of research and development experience, forming a cohesive high A qualified R&D team to ensure that companies continue to have high-performance products that adapt to market needs to be put into use.

“Achieving customers, diligence and dedication, self-criticism, vitality and innovation, honesty and trustworthiness, teamwork, from excellence to excellence” is the core value of the company, and strives to build the core competitiveness of the company. At the same time, the founder of the company, Mr. Liu Youquan, also shared with us his own journey of starting a business for the second time and witnessed the development of this sub-industry from scratch. He specializes in technology and insists on continuous innovation and has applied for a number of patents. Lay the foundation for the various technical standards of the industry. The dedication of Mr. Liu Youquan made the staff of our column group admire very much.

In the end, Dongguan Lingdu Thermal Conductive Material Co., Ltd. successfully passed the review by virtue of its own enterprise’s technological innovation and characteristic cultural concept. It is precisely to become a partner in the thermal conductivity new material industry of the CCTV Discovery Tour “Chinese Business Review” column group. I also hope that more outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises can actively declare and be shortlisted in the joint growth plan of Chinese entrepreneurs to share their wonderful entrepreneurial stories. Deliver excellent entrepreneurial spirit.

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