Phase Change Material

Product Description: Thermal conductive phase change material is a kind of heat enhancing polymer, designed for reducing the heat resistance between powerful electronic components and heat sinks, this reducing enhanced the capacity of heat sink, and protected jointed components.

Normally, thermal conductive phase change material is insulated, but it could not be used as electrical insulation material as the phase transition may happen when installation or using, metal parts may get touched each other. And it could not be used as binder and fill it directly inside the gap between hot point and heat sink, it has to be fixed into a frame to keep it inside the gap.


The main feature is the phase change, it’s in solid state at room temperature, and is easier for operation. It will become to liquid state like gel when working temperature is high enough, which result in a full touch of all components and heat sink for much better heat dissipation. This kind of full filling in gaps enable its thermal conductivity much better than flexible silicone pad even better than graphite sheet and similar to silicone gel.

Gap Pads are produced in a variety of standard dimensions and thicknesses, but can also be customized for specific application requirements. Available as custom die cut parts with the ability to individualize thickness and constructions, thermal Gap Pad materials are always fit for purpose to ensure optimized thermal control no matter what the application.


High thermal conductivity: Even better than graphite sheet, close to silicone gel.
Reliability: No drop and air drying after 27000 times low-high temperature cycle, phase transition temperature can be 52℃ or 58℃, can be trimmed or die cut to any OEM size. Keep vertical moving, no extension and drop when using under operation temperature.

Typical Application:

Microprocessor, PC memory module, DC-DC power supply, IGBT assembly, power module, powerful semi-conductor components, Bridge rectifier, Solid state relay, Cache memory IC.

Product Application Pictures