Silica Grease

Product Descriptions: Silicone Gel, also called thermal conductive gel, is a kind of high-thermal conductive and electric insulation silica material, takes organosilicone as the main material, mixed with heat resistance and conductive material, and becomes a kind of heat conductive silicone compound material. It’s CSF ( Freeness ) is very low, nearly zero. High-and low-temperature resistant, water fast, Ozone resistant, weather resistant, can keep gel from -50℃—+230℃. Normally be used in heat dissipation for power amplifier, transistor, electron tube, CPU, etc…


1. Alumina ( Al2O3 ): Price cheaper, but coefficient of thermal conductivity is a little lower.

2. Aluminum Nitride ( AINF series ): High thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, low dielectric loss, high electric insulation, non-toxic and environmental friendly.

Characteristics: High thermal conductivity, wide operation temperature, stable, low viscosity and easy operation.

Advantages: Wide choice of coefficient of thermal conductivity ( 1.0~2.0W/m.K ) , flexible operation time.

Typical Applications: Automotive Electronics ——OBC, DC-DC Power Adopter, Amplifier, Sensor.

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