Thermal Gap Pads

Product Description

Thermal Gap Filler, takes silicone resin as the main material, successfully mixed with multiple high-thermal-performance ceramic powder by special process, can be roll and sheet or pad. Has the characteristics of high-thermal conductivity, low-thermal resistance, good molding capacity and very high-electrical insulation property.

Regular Size: 450mm * 450mm, can be adhesive, trimming and die-cutting. Also can be OEM designed size.

Typical Applications:

Photo Electricity Industry: IPAD, LCD-TV, TFT-LCD, Internal Power Module, Back Light Module, LED Lighting.Computer Industry: Laptop, Computer and its peripheral products.
Internet Industry: PC Server, Switchboard, PC Card, Modem.
Home Appliance: A/C, Drinking Fountain, Induction Cooker.
Others: LED Lighting, Testing Instrument, Medical Equipment, New-energy Automotive Battery

Product Application Picture