Thermal Insulator

Product Descriptions: There are two kinds of flexible heat insulation sheet: IM-A28 & IM-A35.

IM-A28: Takes polyurethane as main material mixed with aerogel powder and makes them into flexible thin sheet with very good heat insulation capability by special process. Heat resistance could be 100℃, and thickness could be less than 0.5mm.

IM-A35: A new kind heat insulation material made of resin foam, fire resistance is very good, flame gone immediately when fire away. Fitness of environment is good, can be used long time under -60℃~200℃.

Advantages: Very low heat conductivity, no more than 0.03W/M.K, low density, easy for processing and operation.

Typical Applications: Mainly used for heat insulation, such as IT, small house appliance, new-energy automotive battery pack, industrial pipping.

Product Application Pictures