Energy Product Application Industry

  • Mobile phone communication industry application
  • Solar DC inverter application
  • Computer, POS application
  • Automotive and automotive peripheral industries
  • Heat sink, LED industry application
  • Rail transit industry applications
  • Electrical tools and small household appliances industry
  • New energy industry application
  • Controller industry application
  • Power supply (DC/DC) industry
  • Integrated Circuit Industry Application
  • Charging pile industry application
  • Material and processing industry applications
  • 5G base station, companion application

PC & Set-top Box

  • Hot Site: CPU, NB, HDD, NIC, Mosfet.
  • Hot Electronics + Heat Sink
  • Product Series: TSP3030/TSP3020
  • Hot Electronics + Housing
  • Product Series: TSP3030/TSP3020
Set-top Box
  • Hot Site: IC
  • Between IC and heat sink
  • Between IC on the PCB back side & housing

LED Lights & Laptop

LED Lights
  • Hot site: PCB for DIP LED Assembly
  • Aluminum Substrate for COB
  • Bronze coated PCB for SMD Assembly
  • Gap between hot point and housing
  • Gap between hot point and heat sink

Water-cooling Plate & Box Bottom of Power Batteries

  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Electrical System
  • Structural Parts
  • Modules
  • Thermal Management System
  • Thermal Product Series: TSP150L-GY30+PI, TSP300L-K20-G30+PI

DC-DC Adopter


  • Antenna
  • PCB
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Energikey Product Series: TSP600-K70

Mobile Phone

  • Graphite Sheet
  • Liquid Cooling Tube
  • High thermal conductivity aluminum alloy mullion
  • Energikey Product Series: TSP600 Series


  • Hot site: TCP IC
  • Thermal Pad is under TCP.
  • Product Series: TSP300-K20
  • Using thermal conductive pad to dissipate the heat from the electronics on the back side of PCB.
  • Directly cover it with thermal pad, one side touch the electronics, one side touch the frame.

Batteries of New Energy Automotive

  • Thermal pad in New-energy Automotive Battery packs

Regulator and Battery of Motorcycle & Electrical Bicycle

  • Thermal Product Series: TSP150R-LG45+GL
  • Energikey Product Series: TSP100R

5G Station


  • Using thermal conductive material to fill the gap between IC and heat sink.
  • Hot Components: CPU, ADSL IC, Switchboard IC.
  • Applications: The gaps between ICs and Heat Sinks
  • Energikey Product Series: Thermal Conductive Gap Filler TSP300 Series
  • Switchboard IC
  • RAM & Flash Memory Parts
  • Wireless Technology IC

Security Camera & Switchboard

Security Camera
  • Hot Electronics: IC of image processing
  • Applications: Gap between IC and Heat Sink
  • Energikey Product Series: Thermal conductive gap filler TSP300-K20 Series
  • Using TSP300 series between CPU and heat sink
  • Using TSP150 series between IC and heat sink
  • Hot points: CPU, IC and other components.
  • Applications: The gap between electronic components and heat sink
  • Energikey Product Series: Thermal Conductive Gap Filler